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You Have an Endgame in Mind–We Make Sure You Get There

Through one-on-one coaching or workshops, our clients experience:

Greater Clarity:

  • Create a clear plan for success based on vision, core values, and strengths
  • Identify blind spots and examine limiting beliefs to set goals that inspire action
  • Understand how to build a strong team

Greater Capacity:

  • Increase your bandwidth and work on priorities with focus and passion
  • Improve team interpersonal dynamics
  • Learn to manage conflict productively

Higher EI:

  • Identify and build key emotional intelligence traits
  • Be a more confident leader
  • Recognize the value of relationships in accomplishing your teams work
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Who We Are

Founded in 2009, Iron Coaching is a team of business coaches who thrive on being catalysts for positive change. We use our expertise in emotional intelligence to help our clients build relational currency and transform how they lead and live.

Our executive coaches possess 10,000+ hours of coaching experience as well as the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired over the course of successful careers.

Our clients come from a broad and diverse set of organizations, united in the belief that achieving success in their domain is directly correlated to investments they make in their people and culture.

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What We Do

Do you know how to Take Yourself To The Next Level?

New Journey

Client Profile: Accelerate My Career

“To get to the next level I need to understand what I need to improve as a leader to achieve my professional and organizational goals.”

Iron Coaching Value

  • Helped client clearly identify high gain areas for improvement
  • Facilitated creation of a coaching plan with a clear vision and goals
  • Stimulated creative thinking regarding new actions and strategies

Client Profile: Newly Promoted Wanting a Strong Start

“I need to make sure I’m focusing my energy on the right things so that I get off to a fast start and my program is a success.”

Iron Coaching Value

  • Interviewed dozens of key stakeholders to help client understand her new terrain
  • Helped client identify and build key relationships and partners in the organization
  • Built client’s capacity to work strategically through a well-developed team

Client Profile: Start-up with High Expectations

“We’ve got promising technology and solid funding and want to equip our leadership team with the training they need to build a culture that helps us innovate and reach our vision.”

Iron Coaching Value

  • Equipped leadership team with frameworks to advance innovation through collaboration and productive conflict
  • Coached each leader to strengthen their ability to manage within a dynamic and challenging start-up environment
  • Raised the collective confidence of the leadership team

Client Profile: Support our Unique Culture

“Growth is good but challenging, especially on the unique culture our founders built with intention. We want to provide employees with the training and resources they need to flourish and contribute to the success of the company.”

Iron Coaching Value

  • Executive development for leadership team
  • Customized professional development programs for high potential employees
  • Team workshops to improve communication and foster productive conflict

Client Profile: Coaching Beyond X's and O's

“Four years into my coaching career, I was about to throw in the towel. Something was missing and I needed a new formula.”

Iron Coaching Value

  • Introduced EI and the language of motivation into the college athletics
  • Playbook to keep personnel and athletes on track when things got tough
  • Recognized for championing the next evolution in college athletics and coaching

Client Profile: Working In the Business Versus On the Business

“As an entrepreneur, I find myself getting caught up in the day-to-day running of the business. I had to find time to get off the treadmill if I was going to move the company forward.”

Iron Coaching Value

  • Helped client identify solvable inefficiencies that were ripe for improvement
  • Accountability to make behavioral changes and achieve coaching goals
  • Sounding board for client to translate new business ideas into action

Strengthen Your Relationships

“As a senior level executive, I was fortunate to work with the team at Iron Coaching to achieve my leadership goals. They provided a tailored program to help me build my confidence as I embarked on a career change ultimately becoming a more agile leader. Thank you Iron Coaching!”

Managing Director, Morgan Franklin Consulting

Realize Your Potential

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Pat for almost 8 years and the great opportunity to work with him at Iron Coaching during that time. He helped me look at my personal relationship to my business and how I could get focus and clarity on the things that mattered most in my life. His in-depth knowledge and expertise were key for me to build a connection and getting to work on realizing my vision and seeing my potential. The results have helped me be a better and more effective leader.”

CEO, Emerge Interactive

Empower Your Team

“Pat did a tremendous job of training and equipping my organization with the leadership skills necessary to fulfill our mission. My staff has discovered a sense of empowerment when it comes to fulfilling their role within the organization.”  

Head Football Coach, Azusa Pacific University