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Our mission is to help leaders harness the power of emotional intelligence to map out and execute lasting strategies that will transform how they work, build relationships and inspire others to achieve success.  Our approach mixes leadership development and professional coaching best practices with the expertise we’ve gained over our careers in business and academia.

Pat Intraversato

Pat Intraversato   

Pat has been coaching senior leaders since the early 2000s, and launched Iron Coaching in 2009. He is passionate about helping them develop strategies to transform how they lead and make an impact in their organization, while also providing street-worthy insight for today’s issues. Pat’s clients span the range of entrepreneur to corporate leader to collegiate coach.

Pat’s business mission is “to sharpen individuals in the critical skills needed to reach their career potential while living intentional, well-balanced lives.” The name Iron Coaching was inspired by a favorite Bible verse, Proverbs 27:17, “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Pat draws extensively on the skills, knowledge and lessons acquired in his 25-year career in sales, service, training and management with Fortune 500 companies Xerox Corporation, Sun Microsystems and Gateway Computer.


Dr. Frederick G. Elias

Dr. Elias is committed to improving organizational leadership styles through the use of communication and motivation. Dr. Elias has attained national recognition as an educator and consultant in organizational development, organizational behavior, industrial psychology, and human resource management. He is a dynamic speaker and author in the areas of motivation, communication mastery, team building, self-esteem enhancement, personal goal setting, and empowerment.

Dr. Elias designs, implements, and conducts leadership training, staff development, productivity improvement, team building, and peak performance programs for the private and public sectors. He works with individuals to create resources that will transform their lives both personally and professionally.

Clients include Xerox, Sun Microsystems, General Motors, Cox Cable, Automated Test Engineering, Inc., the State of California Department of Personnel Administration, Los Angeles Community Colleges, Santa Barbara County, and the San Diego Community College District.


Sandy Intraversato   

Sandy brings 25 years of consulting, sales and senior management experience to her role as Partner and Executive Coach at Iron Coaching.  Throughout her career and within her personal endeavors, she’s been recognized for her leadership, strategic acumen, and ability to inspire, motivate and coach others to achieve their goals.

Sandy was most recently Senior Vice President of the Innovation Group at Sterling Brands. This role capped off over 15 years in the marketing strategy and research industry where she and her teams consistently achieved multi-million dollar revenue targets.

Prior to this she founded Leadership Initiatives, a consulting practice working with leaders and teams. Sandy started her career at Xerox Corporation where she advanced quickly and was the youngest manager in company history to lead a major accounts team.


John Choma

John is a strategic “maximizer.” He enjoys making good things – great! John was a member of the San Francisco 49er football team when they were a losing franchise and played a role in helping them transform into Super Bowl winners and become the “Team of the 80’s.” John’s unique background has made him an expert in eliciting peak performance from both individuals and teams. His sales experience includes both leading teams and designing processes to improve leadership, team performance and business outcomes. As a coach, he brings that expertise and knowledge so leaders can elevate their own leadership and their team’s effectiveness by ensuring smooth on-boarding of talent, and coaching and mentoring to grow the talent for strong collaboration, a focus on execution and a clear bench.

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