See Yourself More Clearly

Assessments are the starting point for all of our engagements as they provide the knowledge and insights necessary for improvement and growth.

Strength Deployment Inventory

We are certified consultants for the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), an assessment that identifies the inner motives and values that drive our behaviors when things are going well and when we face conflict.  We pair it with a Strengths Portrait (SP), a behavior-based tool that helps clients identify their “go-to” strengths.

Introductory Sharpening Session

We invite you to boost your self-awareness and get immediate insights you can use professionally and personally by taking advantage of our Sharpening Session. This offer includes:

  • SDI and SP Assessments administered online
  • Personalized Reports
  • Analysis of your results by one of our coaches
  • 90 Minute Virtual Coaching Session to unpack your results and discuss ways you can put the knowledge into practice immediately

360 Feedback to See Yourself as Others Do

The KRH-EIQ was developed in 1991 by Kenton R. Hill Ed.D, CMC  to provide managers and leaders 360-degree feedback on their emotional intelligence competencies. The KRH-EIQ has been used by more than 200 different companies in the US and Europe over the last 25 years. Upon his retirement in 2017, Dr. Hill released the intellectual property rights to the KRH-EIQ survey to Iron Coaching.

Results from the 360-survey provide in-depth insights that help leaders increase their self-awareness and get greater clarity into how others perceive them, along with specific actions they can take to improve their emotional intelligence.

A personalized report includes:

  • Ratings of 18 Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  • Comparative results from your management, peers, and direct reports
  • Written comments from all raters
  • Personal development planning guide

We work directly with clients and independent consultants to utilize the EIQ-360. Learn more here: