3 Signs You’ve Got Bad Busy

The conversation goes like this, "How's it going?" "Busy, but it's a good busy."  "Beats the alternative. " "Yep." In the economic realm, busyness is generally a good thing. It's confirmation that what we provide to the marketplace fills a need, is useful, and has value. I spend a lot of time with successful people who want to be better leaders. If you were to be a fly on the wall in my coaching sessions, you'd learn that the lack of time is one of their biggest challenges.  Yet when I conduct 360 feedback with peers and direct reports, I find that [...]

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3 Listening Hurdles You Can Overcome

Effective listening is at the heart of communication. We do more listening than reading, writing or speaking yet research shows we listen with 25% efficiency. Not surprisingly, "be a better listener" frequently shows up as a top coaching goal for my clients who want to transform how they work through greater emphasis on relationships. To help my clients improve their listening skills we first explore what's getting in the way of listening. They find it's beneficial to identify the habits they want to stop or manage at the same time they are defining new ones to fill the gap. Three particular behaviors [...]

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Warning: Second Hand Conflict can be dangerous to your organizational health!

Today's business leaders are searching for ways to reduce interpersonal conflict and to create the type of organizational health that delivers sustainable business results.  There has been plenty written in the past decade regarding the importance of organizational health and it’s correlation to results.  Just pick up Pat Lencioni’s most recent book, The Advantage. In the title Pat’s states that organizational health trumps everything else. Although I agree with Pat, one basic concept that doesn’t seem to be getting much attention is the cost of second hand conflict on organizational health and sustainable successful results. What I find interesting is [...]

Want to Achieve Your Goals? Do this.

Earlier this month I attended Michael Hyatt’s webinar entitled “The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Setting Goals”. He was spot on identifying why our behaviors sabotage our intentions (complete list follows) and I found my head nodding an emphatic yes to many of his points! I even signed up for his goal setting course, in a spirit of kaizen* One mistake stood out. The behavior is so easy, yet when I ask clients to do it, it’s often a struggle. If you want to be 42% more likely to achieve your goals...write them down. Yep, take out a piece [...]

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Three Things Productive Leaders Always Have on Their Calendar

Before we know it the holidays will be over and we'll find ourselves thinking about 2016.  If you are a leader that wants to make a bigger impact in your organization, resolve to add these three habits. 1. Get to Know Your Customers Better- Sounds obvious, right?  Yet many of my clients only talk to customers when there is a problem.  Or they listen to what their marketing department tells them about their " ideal target".  No that either is bad, it's that these types of interactions often lead to a limited perspective or wrong conclusion. What I'm suggesting is regularly [...]

Listen Up!

My clients are successful people who've got intellect, talent and a host of admirable skills, yet most admit, " I need to be a better listener." Heck, I'm a coach and I need to be a better listener! With that goal in mind, I've signed up for the Listen Up! Listening Bootcamp hosted by the team at Only Human, a production of WYNC. To start, I took their Listening Quiz and tested my hearing age using the Mime Test app. Starting November 16 I'll receive 5 daily tips from five "master listeners". It’s not easy to improve our hearing. But [...]

Feeling Indecisive? Tips for Making Better Decisions.

Our days are full of decisions - neuroscientists estimate that adults make 35,000 choices, simple to complex, large and small, each day. One would think that with all the practice it would be easy, yet “being a better decision maker” sits high as a self-improvement goal for many of my clients. Dig a little deeper and typically what surfaces are two types of decision-making challenges. Each is at categorically different ends of the behavior scale but both lead to lost productivity and mountains of frustration. The good news is that if you can identify your challenge and examine how it [...]

3 Things They Don’t Teach in College (but should)

Last month our daughter graduated from high school.  It’s been an emotional ride filled with pride, excitement for what’s ahead and a touch of sadness when I contemplate her goodbye. When she heads off to college in the fall, it will be a big transition for us all. I find myself thinking about my own college experience.  What I learned in and out of the classroom, lasting friendships as well as the recognition that I could make a difference in the world. My small, private liberal arts school engrained in me their motto,  “ Not unto ourselves alone are we born” and for that I’m grateful. There are a few things, [...]

Excuse Me, Your Red is Leaking on my Blue

My apologies if you were expecting a political post.  I am discussing a somewhat related topic… conflict. A study by AtTask found that U.S. employees spend an average of 2 1/2 hours per week resolving workplace conflict, which aggregates to $359B in lost productivity.  When I share this statistic in a workshop, participants often smirk and say, “only 2 1/2 hours?”  Top reasons cited in the study include mismatched priorities, miscommunication and differing expectations regarding deadlines. What the surveyors miss is conflict based on the personality factor… the clashes that occur due to our individual ways of relating, pursuing goals or trying to solve a problem. In the vernacular [...]

Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone

“Our motivation basically boils down to completing the best loans for our clients as seamlessly as possible. Sometimes we lose track of the personal part of the equation. I’m not talking about our relationship with homebuyers—we’re always solid there. I mean what happens in the office, over the phone, and via email between our team members.”   This client quote echoes a common theme we hear.  We’ve been working with this large national lender, in particular, since 2011. They first contacted us to help reach a number of strategic goals, including improving the way their employees communicate and collaborate with [...]