Want to Achieve Your Goals? Do this.

Earlier this month I attended Michael Hyatt’s webinar entitled “The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Setting Goals”. He was spot on identifying why our behaviors sabotage our intentions (complete list follows) and I found my head nodding an emphatic yes to many of his points! I even signed up for his goal setting course, in a spirit of kaizen* One mistake stood out. The behavior is so easy, yet when I ask clients to do it, it’s often a struggle. If you want to be 42% more likely to achieve your goals...write them down. Yep, take out a piece [...]

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Stand Out in the Crowd

There's a sales adage that goes… "If you can't differentiate by what you sell or how you sell it, then the only thing left is price."  True, but the real question is, when it comes to differentiation, what REALLY matters and what’s the one source that’s solely under your control? When I ask salespeople to describe their sources of differentiation, the typical answers relate to product or service superiority. This makes sense, as most sales training is oriented toward understanding products and services. The trouble is that in an increasingly competitive marketplace, you may frequently find yourself in a losing [...]