3 Signs You’ve Got Bad Busy

The conversation goes like this, "How's it going?" "Busy, but it's a good busy."  "Beats the alternative. " "Yep." In the economic realm, busyness is generally a good thing. It's confirmation that what we provide to the marketplace fills a need, is useful, and has value. I spend a lot of time with successful people who want to be better leaders. If you were to be a fly on the wall in my coaching sessions, you'd learn that the lack of time is one of their biggest challenges.  Yet when I conduct 360 feedback with peers and direct reports, I find that [...]

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Three Things Productive Leaders Always Have on Their Calendar

Before we know it the holidays will be over and we'll find ourselves thinking about 2016.  If you are a leader that wants to make a bigger impact in your organization, resolve to add these three habits. 1. Get to Know Your Customers Better- Sounds obvious, right?  Yet many of my clients only talk to customers when there is a problem.  Or they listen to what their marketing department tells them about their " ideal target".  No that either is bad, it's that these types of interactions often lead to a limited perspective or wrong conclusion. What I'm suggesting is regularly [...]

Keys to Motivating Yourself and Others

Have you ever wondered why some people are highly motivated and successful in everything they set out to accomplish, while others, who may come from similar backgrounds, fail? What gives some the edge and pushes them to the top, while others have a difficult time getting motivated to move forward? The most important difference between being motivated or demotivated is attitude. A positive attitude and positive self-image create the difference between success and failure in every facet of your existence. Attitude, motivation, and communication skills are the cornerstones for growth. They provide the foundation for success in meeting any challenge. [...]

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