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    The desire to improve is critical to a successful coaching engagement.

Are you keeping up?

The demands on management are constant, yet 50% of those who lead report having no formal training. Emphasis is often on improving technical skills, rather than developing the competencies leaders need to effectively create positive, sustainable results through others.

Equip yourself

Coaching can fill this development gap. Our mission is to support clients in building behaviors that will transform how they lead, create opportunities amidst challenge and achieve their professional goals.

We start with a complimentary pre-coaching interview to understand your needs and gain agreement that coaching is appropriate. Once we start, the process includes these phases:

  • Discovery: Feedback provides valuable insight about how you and those you work with perceive your strengths and potential areas for development. We use individual and 360 surveys, as well as personal interviews.
  • Goal Setting: You and your coach will work together to identify desired outcomes.
  • Action Plan: A set of realistic and time-bound commitments become the roadmap for the coaching engagement.
  • Bi-weekly Coaching: Conducted via phone, Skype or in person fro 45 minutes to a 1 hour.
  • Evaluation: Self reflection and colleague and coach perspective regarding observable progress and change.

Accountability and perspective

Clients cite a variety of reasons for retaining Iron Coaching. Many lean on us as confidential, objective sounding boards and value the fresh perspective we bring based on our own professional experience. Some are recently promoted and need to take their leadership skills up a notch, while others are preparing for the next career move. In addition, we work with those who are navigating transitions or want to improve the performance of the teams they lead.

Iron Coaching introduced me to some tools that I have found very helpful. I particularly appreciate their detailed explanations and personal examples as to how to use these tools. They’ve helped me think through the important questions in life and work, and to make appropriate changes.
-Richard Coulson, Intel

While the reasons to use coaching vary, the common starting point is a desire to learn and grow, and a willingness to dedicate time and energy to the coaching process.

Our FAQ page provides more insight into our coaching process. Keep reading. >>