Executive and Leadership Development

Iron Coaching provides one-on-one, customized coaching engagements for successful people who want to be better leaders. Our clients include leaders of all levels, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our clients cite a variety of reasons for choosing Iron Coaching. Many leaders lean on our coaches as confidential, objective sounding boards. Often they need strategies to build high performing teams or develop the management bench. Others want to develop a strategic perspective, improve their communication, or address areas that may be holding their career back.

Our goal is to create an environment where clients can stretch their world view, test their mental models, challenge their assumptions, and force themselves to grow.  We provide a safe environment in which clients can reflect and process situations so that they are prepared for them when they occur in the future.  As experts in coaching for emotional intelligence, we help clients enhance personal and social skills that are essential for well-being.

Growth is a journey that includes multiple phases to get you from where you are now to your chosen destination.


Our first step is to understand your situation and desired outcome. Then we embark on an awareness phase that includes assessments, 360 surveys, and stakeholder interviews. All of our tools include a high degree of emotional intelligence measures.


Our coaches synthesize the discovery phase feedback and identify recurring themes and patterns. We provide perspective and recommendations on strengths and potential obstacles so that you are working in areas that provide the highest gain.

Goal Setting

We help you clarify and prioritize goals so they are aligned with your organizational and personal objectives. Working with your coach, you will design a compelling and mobilizing action plan that serves as the engagement roadmap.

Action and Implementation

Coaching clients meet with us bi-weekly and engage in a combination of inner work (awareness building practices) and outer work (behavioral change). We provide relevant tools and learning resources.

Coaching Accelerates Performance

Working as a trusted partner, Iron Coaching provides:

  • Feedback that helps leaders assess their current situation from every angle
  • Support in crafting clear and compelling coaching goals
  • Thought-provoking questions that stimulate creative thinking
  • Resources to expand your knowledge
  • Accountability to prevent distractions or excuses
  • A confidential 3rdparty sounding board
  • Experience and perspective
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“I was an Iron Coaching client for approximately two years. I found Sandy to be a very professional, intelligent and enthusiastic Coach. Her feedback to me was always insightful and allowed me to grow via trying new methodologies in addition to her trusted best practices. I left our meetings feeling invigorated and willing to try new ideas to improve my own effectiveness. Iron Coaching is definitely worth a call if you are working to improve either yourself or your organization.”

Regional Sales Director, National Diversified Sales

“Iron Coaching was instrumental in my personal and professional growth. The benefits of regular coaching provided me with the right tools to rely on when dealing with tough situations. I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of coaching opportunities or to participate in a Relating for Results workshop. You’ll be glad you did!”

Divisional Operations Manager, Eagle Home Mortgage

“NDS has utilized the consulting services of Pat and Sandy of Iron Coaching for the past 5 years and they have played a vital role in helping us to consistently achieve our “best in industry” service metrics (97% fill rate, 98% on-time delivery, 98% transaction accuracy) and financial results (>20% EBITA margin). They have essentially become a part of the management team at NDS and have guided us in the process of working together more effectively. The SDI tool that they implemented has also gone a long way in allowing our team to take advantage of our individual strengths while managing our weaknesses and also in managing and controlling conflicts before they come to a head. I am very sure that our great performance would not have been accomplished without the insightful coaching we have received from Pat and Sandy.”

CFO, National Diversified Sales
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