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  • Executive Coaching

    As executive coaches, we help leaders draw and follow their maps, and—when necessary—set the map aside as the terrain shifts.

Setting a Vision

A leader sets the vision, directs goals, and charts the way forward in a company. How well one does this makes the difference between creating a great work place, and one where employees simply do their jobs, but not much more.

Building E-IQ

E-IQ refers to the Emotional Intelligence competencies that, according to research, are the strongest predictors of workplace performance. We believe that E-IQ competencies can be learned and enhanced through awareness, commitment, behavioral change and practice.

We work with senior leaders to help them increase their value to others, build meaningful relationships, gain trust, and lead through conflict and change. Our process involves information gathering and discovery, feedback, goal setting and action planning. We conduct bi-weekly one-on-one sessions via phone, online stream, or in person.

Coaching involves both inner work (awareness building practices) and outer work (building new behaviors). We support the process by recommending or reviewing tools, resources and reading materials as needed.

In addition, we also operate as a confidential sounding board where a leader can share new ideas or work through in-the-moment challenges.

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