Listen Up!

My clients are successful people who’ve got intellect, talent and a host of admirable skills, yet most admit, ” I need to be a better listener.” Heck, I’m a coach and I need to be a better listener!

With that goal in mind, I’ve signed up for the Listen Up! Listening Bootcamp hosted by the team at Only Human, a production of WYNC. To start, I took their Listening Quiz and tested my hearing age using the Mime Test app. Starting November 16 I’ll receive 5 daily tips from five “master listeners”.

It’s not easy to improve our hearing. But everyone has the ability to become a better listener.

So far I’ve learned that I’m an Analytical Listener (there are 3 other types) and that my hearing age is 21-30. The latter point will come in handy as I encourage my teenager to slow down and enunciate. He thinks I’m going deaf, hah!

Here’s to bettering listening!

About the Author:

Sandy Intraversato brings 25 years of consulting, sales and senior executive experience to her role as Partner at Iron Coaching. She’s recognized professionally and personally for leadership, strategic acumen, and ability to inspire, motivate and coach others to achieve their goals. As a coach she helps clients develop and implement strength and emotionally intelligence based strategies to transform how they work, lead and develop relationships.