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Listen Up!

My clients are successful people who’ve got intellect, talent and a host of admirable skills, yet most admit, ” I need to be a better listener.” Heck, I’m a coach and I need to be a better listener!

With that goal in mind, I’ve signed up for the Listen Up! Listening Bootcamp hosted by the team at Only Human, a production of WYNC. To start, I took their Listening Quiz and tested my hearing age using the Mime Test app. Starting November 16 I’ll receive 5 daily tips from five “master listeners”.

It’s not easy to improve our hearing. But everyone has the ability to become a better listener.

So far I’ve learned that I’m an Analytical Listener (there are 3 other types) and that my hearing age is 21-30. The latter point will come in handy as I encourage my teenager to slow down and enunciate. He thinks I’m going deaf, hah!

Here’s to bettering listening!