The twists and turns of life produce unforeseen outcomes.

The morning of April 30th 2013 started out as a typical Tuesday, each Intraversato family member in his or her get-the-day started process.  Fast-forward to 7:25am, the time that showed on my phone when an ambulance, loaded with Pat, my husband and Iron Coaching founder, rushed from our driveway en route to OHSU.

Twenty minutes later I received a call from an emergency room neurosurgeon telling me that Pat had an “acute subdural hematoma” – medical terminology for a massive bleed in his brain.  Barely comprehending the situation, I authorized them to remove a section of his skull to alleviate the pressure on his brain and save his life.   I got to the hospital just in time to see him in the ER – words can’t adequately describe that moment.

From the procedure came a diagnosis – arteriovenous fistula, AVF for short.  For the laymen, it’s an improper connection between an artery and a vein.  Over time, the vein can’t take the pressure and bursts, creating the massive bleed.  Two days after his admission to the hospital surgeons performed a second brain surgery to correct the problem.  It would take pages to account for what happened over the course of a hospital stay, but on May 8th 2013 Pat came home.

As one could imagine, this story might not have had a happy ending.  The mortality rate for his initial diagnosis is 80%.  This point has not been lost on the Intraversato clan.  As I tell people, we not only dodged a bullet, I heard it whirring past.

For those of you who know Pat, he has energy and fight, helping him to make a full recovery.  In September 2013 he went back to work full time.

Being on the other side of watching Pat and contemplating how close I came to having my world turned totally upside down, had a profound impact on me.  I started thinking about my life. Was I living it on my terms, without compromise?

Though just in my first year of a new and exciting job, I felt pangs of distress.  I was getting things accomplished … but was I using my talents and gifts to the fullest?  I was helping an upstart gain a foothold in the fast paced innovation space (my favorite thing to do), but why wasn’t I using that energy closer to home?

After this I started thinking about what to do and what was keeping me from it.  As it turned out, the only thing was my own fear – and after what I’d been through in my 9 days by my husband’s side, I decided that I’d rather be courageous than fearful.

1842526298_cowardly_lion1_thumb_330x277_48783_answer_2_xlargeSo here I am, the new face at Iron Coaching.  My career has been dedicated to building sales teams, coaching sales professionals and in every occasion growing revenue using a strategic, customer-centric approach.  I got my start in sales at Xerox in the 80’s, and I’ve honed my craft in the 20+ years I’ve spent at marketing strategy and research agencies.  I’m drawn to situations where I need to polish a hidden gem or tackle a big challenge. My professional recognition and personal satisfaction center around transforming something good into something great.

I look forward to this new adventure.