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  • New Leader Coaching

    Our coaching framework helps a new leader discover her style and strengths and use them to build, manage, and motivate high performing teams.

Research shows that an effective first line manager can positively affect her staff’s engagement level, leading to increased productivity, decreased turnover and higher job satisfaction. The bottom line is that good managers are good for business.

Working with Iron Coaching, new leaders learn skills to productively and positively impact every workplace interaction that involves people, from expectation setting, managing conflict and change to recognition and reward.

Our process involves information gathering and discovery, feedback, goal setting and action planning. We conduct bi-weekly one-on-one sessions via phone, online stream, or in person.

I have found that coaching helps you see the potential in yourself, others and the situations around you. Right up front, you’re given the opportunity to understand what your priorities are and what you’re willing to sacrifice to accomplish them.
–Jonathan Hensley, Emerge Interactive

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