Increase Your Influence

Coaching provides leaders of all levels the insights they need to hone the skills and knowledge required to take their organization to higher levels of performance. Our 360 methodology yields in-depth feedback that helps clients create a clear plan for success aligned with their vision, values and goals.

Engage a Partner

Working as a trusted partner, Iron Coaching provides:

  • Greater clarity around obstacles by first helping leaders assess their current situation from every angle
  • A  positive environment conducive to reflection enabling leaders to craft clear goals and creatively develop strategies
  • Accountability to prevent distractions or excuses

Coaching involves both inner work (awareness building practices) and outer work (practicing new behaviors).  We also function as a confidential sounding board, allowing leaders to share new ideas or work through in-the-moment challenges openly.

Expand Your Capacity

Our coaching clients report

  • Greater effectiveness as a leader
  • Better decision making
  • Increased productivity
  • Better ideas
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Greater confidence and commitment
Connect Me With A Coach

“I had the privilege of being a coaching client of Sandy Intraversato for two years. I can honestly say I grew more as a leader in working with her than with any other coaching/leadership training I have participated in. After being in administration for 18 years, Sandy helped me take my administrative and leadership skills to the next level. Her coaching was immensely informative, cutting edge, challenging, encouraging and insightful. The change that I as well as my peers and subordinates could see in my leadership was obvious. I am so very thankful for the time I was able to have with Sandy. I will forever lead in a different way and continue to challenge myself and the leaders I work with to hone our craft and push ourselves to be better leaders.”

Associate Athletic Director, Director of Sports Medicine and Wellness at Azusa Pacific University