Break Down Barriers

Poor communication, lackluster collaboration, and unproductive conflict prevent teams from gaining traction on important initiatives. Our workshops equip teams of all varieties–leadership, board, departmental or cross-functional–with awareness, insights, and tools that break down these obstacles and get them working at their highest potential.

Relating For Results™

The emotional intelligence principles of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and healthy conflict are at the core of our Relating For Results™ program. Teams whose members are strong in these competencies can capitalize on the strengths and diversity of thought each member brings.

How The Program Works

We begin by utilizing assessments to provide team members a vivid way to see themselves under two conditions–when things are going well and in conflict. The assessments enable a team to recognize where they are aligned and where there is potential for unproductive behavior and conflict.

Workshop activities highlight how members can understand and appreciate differences through perspective taking and empathy. Skill building exercises provide team members with new communication approaches. Lastly, each team member leaves with a common language that facilitates the ongoing application of the Relating for Results™ concepts.

Unlock Your Teams Potential

Teams who work with us report tangible impacts that include:

  • Better working relationships
  • Improved communication
  • Increased collaboration
  • Quicker conflict resolution
  • More effective meetings
  • Better decision making
  • Faster-moving projects
  • Meaningful personal growth
Talk to Us About Your Team Needs

“Pat Intraversato is one of kind.  He is personable and relatable in every way.  Pat has worked with our team and coaching staff for the last three years.  APU baseball has always valued the growth of its coaches and athletes through the years.   I have seen Iron Coaching develop our staff’s ability to relate to one another as well as enhance our athlete’s ability to work together as a team. ”

Head Baseball Coach, Azusa Pacific University