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One-on-One Coaching

Be Ready For What’s Ahead

Organizations face higher rates of complexity, ambiguity, and change than ever before. We help leaders keep pace by identifying the obstacles to their success and supporting them as they develop new strategies to work at their highest potential and achieve their goals.

We utilize coaching industry best practices but bring added value through our training and expertise in Emotional Intelligence. We use an in-depth, stakeholder-based process to help you identify the high gain competencies that can be improved and enhanced through awareness, practice, and commitment.

A Trusted Partner

Our mission is to make sure our clients achieve success. Your customized program will include:

  • Discovery: In-depth interview and assessments
  • Feedback: 360 Survey and Stakeholder Interviews
  • Goal Setting: Vision and realistic, time-bound commitments
  • Action Plan: Strategies that become your engagement roadmap
  • Ongoing Coaching: Sessions conducted bi-weekly via phone, Skype, or in-person from 45 minutes to one hour
  • Personalized Toolkit: Tools that support your growth
  • On-call Service: Access to your coach as needed  

Why Hire a Coach?

Here are five reasons our clients engage us:

  1.  Increased clarity and focus: we help you see the forest from the trees
  2.  Increased accountability: we hold you to your commitments
  3.  Increased confidence: we help you put a plan in place and eliminate doubt
  4.  Better ideas: we help you ask the right questions
  5.  Better decision making: we are your confidential, 3rd party sounding board
Take the First Step

“Iron Coaching was instrumental in my personal and professional growth.  The benefits of regular coaching provided me with the right tools to rely on when dealing with tough situations.  I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of coaching opportunities or to participate in a Relating for Results workshop.  You’ll be glad you did!”

Divisional Operations Manager, Eagle Home Mortgage