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Relating For Results

Workshops That Fuel Teamwork

When people strive to achieve great things, there will be rocky points that test their resolve and commitment. Projects falter, conversations are tough, and conflict can feel personal. It’s during these times that the quality of our relationships matter.  

Relating For Results™ equips individuals, teams, and organizations with the knowledge and communication skills they need to overcome obstacles and work as a high-performance team.

Empathy, Trust, and Productive Conflict

Over a series of workshops grounded in Emotional Intelligence principles, individuals grow in awareness and learn skills to communicate and manage conflict. Teams develop strategies to leverage their differences and improve problem-solving, decision making and cohesion. Leaders learn how to tune-in to each other and their employees to build the trust and relational equity required to develop capacity, tackle new challenges or address significant business issues.

Sustainable Knowledge and Insights

During the highly interactive workshop sessions, participants gain:

  • Self-awareness that empowers them to work, relate and manage more effectively
  • Appreciation for colleagues–what they want, why they want it and how to provide it
  • Understanding of the controllable factors they can work on to increase productivity and creativity
  • Proven techniques for keeping conflict in the productive zone
  • A common language for discussing opportunities and challenges
  • Greater confidence in relating to others

Workshops are customized to address client-specific issues.

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“Sandy led us through the Relating for Results workshop and our team of 20+ leaders loved it.  Her experience, intellect, humor, and expertise quickly garnered enthusiastic participation from the team during that two day workshop.  Several leaders gave me immediate feedback that they gained self-awareness and greater insight into their colleagues that resulted in immediate benefits.  As a leadership team we now have better working relationships and greater collaboration.  Sandy is a fountain of knowledge and exudes a deep desire to develop leaders.  I always come away from my time with her feeling motivated and energized to learn more and be a better leader.”

CFO, America’s Christian Credit Union