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    We create customized team workshops that help team members think and behave in ways that increase results, while making work easier and more productive.

Team Workshops Lead to Better Results

Organizations work in teams because when everyone contributes they produce better results. Knowing what motivates team members and understanding how they operate when the stress level rises equips a team to be more creative, work faster and achieve more.

Our Flagship Team Workshop – Relating for Results

With this in mind, we developed Relating for Results, our flagship training workshop for leaders and their teams. Participants learn what motivates them and how that contributes to the group’s productivity. Special emphasis is placed on understanding how to prevent and manage conflict—an issue common to working groups.

Real World Challenges Your Team Faces

Participants all complete the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) ® to identify their motives, values and purpose and the dynamic that occurs in the face of conflict. We build customized team maps from which members identify areas of alignment, as well as gaps and potentially derailing behavioral patterns.

The highly interactive sessions also provide participants real world scenarios in order to foster practical application of the training concepts.

Participant feedback…

The Relating for Results program cuts down the time it takes you to learn how to speak with people, to connect, and to have more effective relationships.

The workshops helped us increase our self awareness and awareness of others to utilize behaviors and strengths that increased our results while making work easier and more productive.

It’s a great program with information that can be used in your professional and personal life.

Download a complete overview of Relating for Results.

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