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Effective leaders understand that the difference between good and great performance can be attributed to strong relationships. Trust increases, collaboration is the norm and better decisions are made when employees work from their strengths, engage in dialogue, and keep conflict in the productive zone.

Relating for ResultsTM is a leadership development program that provides an engaging way for teams to work smarter and healthier by tapping into the emotional intelligence competencies that make a big impact on relationships: self-awareness, perspective taking, and conflict management.

Training occurs in workshops that are interactive, thought-provoking and fun. Concepts are reinforced with experiential learning and opportunities to apply insights to real-world situations.  We work with you to customize the experience for your team.

Workshop Objectives

During the workshop participants will gain:

  • Insights to increase personal effectiveness
  • Appreciation for colleagues –  what they value and why
  • Strategies for keeping conflict in the productive zone
  • A common language to facilitate healthier conversations
  • Increased emotional intelligence – more “people smarts”

At the end of the workshop participants complete a personal development exercise that fosters commitment and accountability. Afterward, we work with you to create an internal campaign and follow up activities to ensure the philosophy that “relationships fuel results!” sticks in your organization.

Prior to training participants complete the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) ®, a suite of online assessments that have been used by corporations large and small across the globe for the last 40 years.

Experience the Relating for Results Benefits

  • More productive and participative meetings
  • Less conflict due to personality differences
  • Greater collaboration between colleagues and departments
  • Better, more inclusive, decision making
  • Conversations that inspire understanding
  • Deeper connection, trust, and openness
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“Sandy led us through the Relating for Results workshop and our team of 20+ leaders loved it. Her experience, intellect, humor, and expertise quickly garnered enthusiastic participation from the team during that two day workshop. Several leaders gave me immediate feedback that they gained self-awareness and greater insight into their colleagues that resulted in immediate benefits. As a leadership team we now have better working relationships and greater collaboration. Sandy is a fountain of knowledge and exudes a deep desire to develop leaders. I always come away from my time with her feeling motivated and energized to learn more and be a better leader.”

CFO, America’s Christian Credit Union
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