Foster Peak Performance

Each season a coach must bring athletes and personnel together as a cohesive unit to overcome obstacles and produce results. The intensity of effort–physically, mentally and emotionally–is tremendous, and while some thrive, others fail.

Our Cutting-Edge Approach

Our understanding of human performance informs our approach to athletic coaching. We work with coaches across all sports, expanding their playbook to include:

  • Strategies to motivate athletes and maximize performance
  • Methods that improve communication amongst personnel and athletes
  • Plans to stay on track when things get tough

Our approach is called “Relating for Results,” and it focuses specifically on the Emotional Intelligence principles of self-motivation, self-regulation, communication, and conflict management. We empower coaches to identify what works well and recognize where they may be getting in their way.  As coaches do the inner and outer work required to meet their goals, we serve as a sounding board, ensuring their success.

Proven Success

Our approach was developed and tested in collaboration with Victor Santa Cruz, Head Football Coach at NCAA DII Azusa Pacific University. Before working with Iron Coaching, he was losing 67 percent of his games his first four years as head coach.  Since 2010 he’s won over 70 percent of his games, going 54-24 with four conference championships and four nine-win seasons.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Victor Santa Cruz, Head Football Coach at Azusa Pacific talks with AthleticDirectorsU about building emotional intelligence as a leader. He discusses his early challenges in his head coaching career and how Iron Coaching’s Relating for Results program provided him a competitive advantage and a strategic way to fulfill his mission of Building Champions while Pursuing Championships.

“Three years into my coaching career I was experiencing the intense thought of “how on earth do people stay in this career for 20 years? I don’t even know if I can do one more!” I was burnt out from the constant feeling that I could not win even when I won. I was paired with Sandy Intraversato of Iron Coaching and, although I was a bit skeptical and guarded at the start, I am happy to report that my experience far exceeded what I thought possible. I am still in coaching, loving it, and learning how to better serve my athletes with the tools and resources they provided me.”

Head Women’s Water Polo Coach, Azusa Pacific University
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