Have you future-proofed your people strategy?

What will be required to create a work culture in which your most talented and ambitious employees will want to spend their careers? A client recently engaged me to help them answer that question. As part of that effort, I interviewed nine staff members who met the “talented and ambitious” criteria to understand what was […]

A New Guy on the Field

We are excited to announce that Coach Victor Santa Cruz is joining Iron Coaching. Coach has partnered with us throughout his head coaching career and has been at the forefront of using emotional intelligence principles to build high performing and cohesive teams. We look forward to tapping into his boundless energy and ideas about how […]

It’s OK to be uncomfortable.

It’s hard to overcome the human desire to remain comfortable, even when something isn’t working for us anymore. – We keep in the safe lane versus taking a calculated risk. – We stay at jobs that aren’t fulfilling. – We avoid difficult conversations in pursuit of harmony. Since growth is my thing, I wrote a piece for Mortgage Women Magazine on […]