It’s OK to be uncomfortable.

It’s hard to overcome the human desire to remain comfortable, even when something isn’t working for us anymore.

– We keep in the safe lane versus taking a calculated risk.

– We stay at jobs that aren’t fulfilling.

– We avoid difficult conversations in pursuit of harmony.

Since growth is my thing, I wrote a piece for Mortgage Women Magazine on strategies to overcome the resistance to new technologies and tools. Embracing change ultimately will differentiate the “modern mortgage professional” (kudos to Dave Savage for his wisdom) from, dare I say, the relic.

I can relate to that.

My version of this was the belief that my multi-modal in-person and phone coaching sessions suited me just fine. Zoom was “so impersonal.”

Truth be told, I was comfortable and resisting change.

Covid, for me and many others, created the pain that made adopting new technology and ways of engaging with clients a necessity. It wasn’t comfortable at first. I didn’t like staring at my face, and I had to work harder to discern the nuances that I easily detect in person. Now that we are two years into distance “businessing” and hybrid work is here to stay, I’m grateful for that Covid push.

Though I mourn that I won’t be sharing space with clients as frequently, I’ve adapted and am open to exploring other digital platforms that broaden my potential to help others.

I continue to learn that discomfort is a signal and encourage you to do the same.

If you pay attention, be curious, and are open about your feelings and the basis of your fear, you activate the part of your brain that takes on challenges. The first step (either willingly or out of necessity) creates momentum.

And before you know it, you’ve changed.


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