Be your best self.

A coach helps you embrace feedback and envision what’s next for you and your organization. You’ll explore your current mental models, challenge your assumptions and find the motivation and determination to grow. You’ll create an inner and outer work plan to build the mindsets and behaviors required to lead at a higher level. You’ll have accountability and a confidential sounding board committed to your success.

The Process


Our first step is to understand your situation and desired outcome. Then we embark on an awareness phase that includes assessments, 360 surveys, and stakeholder interviews. All of our tools include a high degree of emotional intelligence measures.


Our coaches synthesize the discovery phase feedback and identify recurring themes and patterns. We provide perspective and recommendations on strengths and potential obstacles so that you are working in areas that provide the highest gain.

Goal Setting

We help you clarify and prioritize goals so they are aligned with your organizational and personal objectives. Working with your coach, you will design a compelling and mobilizing action plan that serves as the engagement roadmap.

Action and Implementation

Coaching clients meet with us bi-weekly and engage in a combination of inner work (awareness building practices) and outer work (behavioral change). We provide relevant tools and learning resources.

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