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Since our founding in 2009, we’ve helped PWC, Lennar, Chick-fil-A and 100’s of others deliver 22% revenue growth, employee engagement metrics 12% higher than best-in-class benchmarks, and earn “Best Places to Work” honors.  We are confident we can help you achieve similar results with our proven processes.

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Pat Intraversato
Pat Intraversato
Pat has been coaching senior leaders for 14 years and in 2009 launched Iron Coaching with the mission to “sharpen the critical skills needed by individuals to reach their full potential while living intentional, well-balanced lives.” He is passionate about helping clients transform how they lead and make a positive impact within their organization.

Pat has coached hundreds of clients who span the range of entrepreneur to corporate leader to collegiate coach. He draws extensively on the skills and knowledge acquired during his 25-year career in sales, service, training, and management with Fortune 500 companies Xerox Corporation, Sun Microsystems and Gateway Computer.

Seeing the connection between business and sports, Pat has been at the forefront of applying emotional intelligence practices in the athletics realm. A call in 2009 from a struggling coach and desire to help a friend prompted Pat to explore whether methods he used to help business leaders would transfer to the emotionally charged world of athletics. Since working with Pat, Coach Victor Santa Cruz of Azusa Pacific University has achieved a 61-28 record, back-to-back 10-win seasons and an NCAA playoff appearance. Iron Coaching’s client base now includes collegiate coaches across a wide range of sports who use our Relating for Results concepts to gain new strategies to motivate athletes, maximize performance and stay on track when things get tough.

Pat attended Boston College and Rutgers University. He started his career as a professional business coach in 2004 with Building Champions and since then has logged thousands of coaching hours. He is a trained facilitator for Situational Leadership II, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), DISC and the Strengths Finder.

A near death experience in 2013 informs Pat’s outlook on how he spends his time when not coaching. He prioritizes any activity that connects him with his faith, four kids and his wife, and his friends. Sporting events that include his favorite New England championship winning teams count in that category. To keep himself humble, he makes sure that he gets in a weekly game of tennis.

Sandy Intraversato
Sandy Intraversato
Sandy’s calling is to help clients elevate their leadership influence and execute people-centric strategies to achieve organizational results. She has coached for 8 years and draws upon her senior sales and marketing leadership career to provide her clients valuable perspective and insights to fuel learning, growth, and sustainable change.
Before joining Iron Coaching, Sandy was Senior Vice President at Sterling Brands. This role capped off 15 years in market research and strategy in which she consistently generated multi-million-dollar revenue streams. Sandy started her career at Xerox Corporation, which was akin to landing a post-grad job at Google. She thrived and advanced quickly in their learning, and performance-based culture and their world-class leadership and sales training are part of her DNA.

Sandy is an active volunteer, and her passions include education, child welfare, women’s advancement, and healthy communities. She received a Distinguished Service Award from the City of Lake Oswego and is serving a 3rd term on the city Parks Board. She’s a member of the Willamette University Alumni Board and is the President of her neighborhood HOA.

Sandy graduated from Willamette University with a bachelor’s degree Cum Laude in Political Science. An avid learner, she’s logged over 100+ hours in professional development courses and completed a year-long specialty certification in Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

Sandy joined Pat at Iron Coaching after he survived a life-threatening brain injury. She is mom to Sophia and Anthony, evil stepmom to Kate and Sam, and compassionate master to Coco, Lucy, and a flock of chickens. Her superpower is creating farm-to-table meals from ingredients grown with love in her backyard.

Victor Santa Cruz
Victor Santa Cruz
Building champions while pursuing championships defines Victor Santa Cruz’s style. Before joining Iron Coaching to share his leadership expertise and passion for helping others achieve their goals, he had a successful career in collegiate football. He earned the “Coach of the Year” honor five times.

Victor aims to help his clients master the people skills that cultivate winning. He is fanatical about developing the champion within the individual as they strive to lead a group of diverse individuals to success. Throughout his professional life, Victor has excelled in opportunities that demanded vision, culture creation, belonging, and blue-collar grit. This background provides the lens he takes to client engagements.

Victor’s philosophy is that the business of college football is no different from a dynamic nonprofit or growing corporation. It’s all about the fundamentals, win/loss record, recruiting, data fluency, critical decision making, and executing initiatives that align with strategic goals. He understands the tremendous pressure organizational leaders face and maybe even more since his big moments came exclusively on Saturday nights with fans watching.

Most college football coaches define success by the numbers. That’s equally as important to Victor, as his track record attests. What set him apart from his peers was his ability to transfer the best business practices for attracting, developing, and retaining diverse talent. He took to heart lessons he learned while receiving a Master’s in Organizational Leadership – the most crucial is the need for individualizing coaching and instruction to the learner and recognizing the need to help his players, coaches, and staff be more emotionally intelligent.

Victor holds a BA from the University of Hawaii and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University. He has authored and been the subject of articles on Emotional Intelligence in Athletics, co-authored Iron Coaching’s Relating for Results program and is a sought-after and dynamic speaker.

In his free time Victor enjoys surfing, fishing, and hanging out with his wife Jamie and their three kids; Deuce, Izabella, and Levi.

Practice Notes

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Outstanding Performance

“NDS has utilized the consulting services of Iron Coaching for 7 years and played a vital role in helping us consistently achieve our “best in industry” service metrics (97% fill rate, 98% on-time delivery, 98% transaction accuracy) & financial results (>20% EBITA margin). They have become a part of the management team & have guided us in the process of working together more effectively. The SDI tool they implemented has gone a long way in allowing us to take advantage of our individual strengths while managing our weaknesses, and also in managing & controlling conflicts before they come to a head. I am sure our great performance would not have been accomplished without the insightful coaching we’ve received from Pat & Sandy.”

Randy Stott, CFO at National Diversified Sales, Inc

Impressive Results

“Our firm has grown from 200 to 350 people over the last 3 years and Sandy has helped our leadership manage the stresses of that growth. We have become more self-aware and emotionally intelligent because of her time with us. Fundamentally, Sandy has made us all better leaders.”

Paul Schwer, President at PAE Consulting Engineers LLC

Incredible Resource

“Sandy has given me the tools and resources to give effective feedback to my team, build trust with my colleagues, gain the confidence to take advantage of opportunities outside my comfort zone, and mature into a credible leader. Her knowledge and guidance have had significant benefits in all facets of my professional & personal life.”

Melissa A Patterson PhD, Senior Director at AbSci

CORE Strengths Certified Partner

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