A New Guy on the Field

We are excited to announce that Coach Victor Santa Cruz is joining Iron Coaching. Coach has partnered with us throughout his head coaching career and has been at the forefront of using emotional intelligence principles to build high performing and cohesive teams. We look forward to tapping into his boundless energy and ideas about how to improve how we coach and operate our small boutique firm. His first contribution is naming our new Blog – “Practice Notes”.

Get to Know Coach Santa Cruz

Victor aims to help his clients master the people skills that cultivate winning. He is fanatical about developing the champion within the individual as they strive to lead a group of diverse individuals to success. Throughout his professional life, Victor has excelled in opportunities that demanded vision, culture creation, belonging, and blue-collar grit. This background provides the lens he takes to client engagements.

Building champions while pursuing championships

Victor’s philosophy is that the business of college football is no different from a dynamic nonprofit or growing corporation. It’s all about the fundamentals, win/loss record, recruiting, data fluency, critical decision making, and executing initiatives that align with strategic goals. He understands the tremendous pressure organizational leaders face and maybe even more since his big moments came exclusively on Saturday nights with fans watching.

Most college football coaches define success by the numbers. That’s equally as important to Victor, as his track record attests. What set him apart from his peers was his ability to transfer the best business practices for attracting, developing, and retaining diverse talent. He took to heart lessons he learned while receiving a Master’s in Organizational Leadership – the most crucial is the need for individualizing coaching and instruction to the learner and recognizing the need to help his players, coaches, and staff be more emotionally intelligent.

In his free time Victor enjoys surfing, fishing, and hanging out with his wife Jamie and their three kids; Deuce, Izabella, and Levi.

Follow Coach  on Twitter @vscwintoday

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