Bouncing Back from Victory

Victories are special moments that we all savor. Whether it’s winning an athletic contest, getting an “A” on a test, or closing a deal…a victory moment is validating.  Such moments are like road signs signifying that you are on the right path to success. But, like those set-back moments of defeat, victory too needs to […]

A New Guy on the Field

We are excited to announce that Coach Victor Santa Cruz is joining Iron Coaching. Coach has partnered with us throughout his head coaching career and has been at the forefront of using emotional intelligence principles to build high performing and cohesive teams. We look forward to tapping into his boundless energy and ideas about how […]

It’s OK to be uncomfortable.

It’s hard to overcome the human desire to remain comfortable, even when something isn’t working for us anymore. – We keep in the safe lane versus taking a calculated risk. – We stay at jobs that aren’t fulfilling. – We avoid difficult conversations in pursuit of harmony. Since growth is my thing, I wrote a piece for Mortgage Women Magazine on […]

Three Listening Hurdles You Can Overcome

Effective listening is at the heart of communication. We listen more than read, write, or speak, yet research shows we listen with 25% efficiency. Not surprisingly, “be a better listener” frequently shows up as a top coaching goal for my clients who want to transform how they work through greater emphasis on relationships. To help […]

Excuse Me, Your Red is Leaking on my Blue

US employees spend 3 ½ hours per week resolving workplace conflict costing $358B in lost productivity. When I share this stat, clients often smirk and say, “only 3 1/2 hours?” The top reasons for conflict include mismatched priorities, miscommunication, and differing expectations regarding deadlines. The studies rarely call out a big culprit – conflict based […]

How to Know if Your Busy is “Bad Busy”

The conversation goes like this, “How’s it going?” “Busy, but it’s a good busy.”  “Beats the alternative. “”Yep.” For anyone who relies on customers or clients or any form of transaction to make a living, busyness is genuinely a good thing. It’s confirmation that what we provide to the marketplace fills a need, is useful, has […]

3 Things Successful Leaders Always Have on Their Calendar

Time is your most valuable leadership currency. You can’t manufacture it, but you can ensure that your calendar reflects investments that pay the highest dividends. Time with the Customers Sounds obvious, right?  Yet many of my clients only talk to customers when there is a problem.  Or they listen to what their marketing department tells them about […]